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Your partner for zirconium discs, milling blanks and dental alloys.

Products customized for you

We produce on demand and are able to adapt to your specific needs. Different cultures, regions and climates may require different solutions. Dentalloy is open to new challenges in the dental market and constantly increases efficiency and quality.

Fast order processing

New orders are immediately included in our production schedule and manufactured with the next possible batch.

Creating Value

Creating added value can prove challenging at some points. Which is why we're happy to support you from start to finish.


We can design your packaging, instructions manuals, help building your website and assist you in much more ways.


Reliability is an important factor for Dentalloy when it comes to create corporate trust between our customers and us. We are building a strategic network that is existing in accordance and consideration of the specific aims of our partners.


Quality management is one of Dentalloy´s strengths. It starts by closely examining raw materials that are used in the production of our products. QM involves analyzing production process to progressively control and improve the quality of our products. In addition to that, the ISO 13485 Certificate is providing another quality standard to our facility. Tracking back each of our products and to ensure the safety and quality of our products, is very important to Dentalloy.


Dentalloy management of commercial ties is built upon experience in long term relationships with customers from many different backgrounds and nations. We provide a wide variety of support, including sharing information and data, to help our customers realizing their objectives.

Building Relationships with High Standards

We provide our clients with the highest quality dental materials. Our foundation is based on the best raw materials and great production experience. We strive to develop our products.



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